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Spineless Beauty Zucchini

Spineless, open plant is easy to pick. Medium gree, waxy fruit, lightly flecked, cylindrical shaped 8'' fruits.


Golden Dawn Zucchini

Deep golden zucchini 7''-8'' cylindrical blunt ended fruits. Open plant structure-easy to harvest. Excellent for baby vegetable market.


Dunja Zuchhini

OGEarly, high yielder of dark green, straight zucchinis. Open plants and small spines make for an easy harvest. High resistance for powdery mildew and some notorious viruses.


Golden Glory Zucchini

High-yielding plants with an open growth habit making it easy to harvest blemish-free, yellow fruit. Excellent disease resistance keeps the plant productive over a long season.


Raven Zucchini

Darker green skin contains higher levels of lutein, a highly effective antioxidant. Semi-open plants with moderate spines produce glossy, smooth, cylindrical fruit.