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Redstart Bell Pepper

Fantastic yield and taste. Earliest to turn red. 3.75'' fruits with loads of thick wall.


Golden California Wonder Bell Pepper

Smooth, blocky, blunt ended 5''x4'', four lobed thick walled sweet fruit that matures golden yellow in early September.


Hot Hungarion Yellow Wax Pepper

Medium hot 6''-7'' long, tapered fruit ripen wax green/yellow/red.


Long Red Cayenne Pepper

Thin tapered fiery red hot, 5.75'' long curved peppers.


Bell Boy Bell Pepper

Care-free, high yielding bell pepper with great flavor. The fruit on Bell Boy is medium long, thick walled and 4 lobed. Starts green and ripens to bright red.


Sweet Sunrise Pepper

Early, blocky, dark-green fruit ripens to yellow/orange. Medium-large 3- and 4-lobed fruits are blocky to slightly elongated. Crispy, fruity and sweet. Yields well.


Early Jalapeno Pepper

Best for early crops. Small plants; lower yielding with cone-shaped, traditional sized 2-2½" fruits. Ready to pick when dark green; hot!.