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Cheddar Cauliflower

Excellent yields of 8" heads of orange cauliflower. Do not wrap up leaves, heads should be left open for maximum color. The color deepens when cooked.


Xtra-Tender 2171 Corn

Widely adaptable variety with good cool soil germination excellent eating quality. Better husk protection and tighter, more attractive husks. Ears 8-8½"


Starbor Kale

Delicious blue-green leaves with a superb flavour and texture. The densely curled leaves are extremely winter hardy and stand well for harvesting over a very long period. Use baby leaves for salads


Green Salad Bowl Lettuce

Frilly, deeply cut oakleaf shape with excellent flavour Slow to bolt, non-heading. Rapid cool-weather growth makes it a prime candidate for spring cold frame growing. Ready 45 days after sowing.


Coastal Star Romaine Lettuce

Early, large 12-14" tall, heavy, heat tolerant dark green romaine with buttery yellow interior that is crisp and sweet. Can be grown from spring till fall.


Shiro Pak Choi

Classic, 4-6" tall, hour-glass shape with a large heart with tender stems of pure white with dark green round thick leaves. Grow on cooler spots, as it tends to bolt in warm weather.


Jet Acorn Squash

This new variety`s fruits are uniform in shape and deep green. This earlier, good yielder bears numerous fruits of about 2 lbs on average, with better flavour.


Red Kuri Hubbard Squash

A red-orange Japanese winter squash; fruit are 5-10 lbs. each and teardrop-shaped. The golden flesh is smooth, dry, sweet, rich and never stringy.


Blue Hubbard Squash

Big tapered at the end, bluish-green fruits with a bumpy, hard shell. Medium-dry, medium-sweet, yellow flesh. Averages in the 12-15 lb. range with some larger.


Mountain Merit Tomato

The 3" to 3.5" round, beefsteak-type fruits are larger, weighing in at 8 to 10 ounces each. Deep red inside colour and out with smooth, crack-resistant skin and barely noticeable blossom end scars.


Raven Zucchini

Darker green skin contains higher levels of lutein, a highly effective antioxidant. Semi-open plants with moderate spines produce glossy, smooth, cylindrical fruit.


Staro Chives

Mild flavoured taste. Best variety with thicker leaves for freezing, drying, or fresh use. Edible flowers.


Greek Oregano

Essential garden herb with a delicious pungent flavor, claimed to be better and sharper than true oregano. Edible flowers. Attracts Beneficial Insects.



Wholesome, non caloric alternative to processed sugar and chemically-derived artificial sweeteners for health-conscious individuals.


Moss Curled Parsley

Fast-growing, high-yielding, compact plants. The leaves are a rich dark green, deeply cut and so thickly curled that it resembles moss.