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Marino Cilantro

Edible leaves, seeds and flowers. Aka coriander. Extra slow bolting strain used during hot weather. Direct seed as coriander doesn't like to be transplanted.


Bouquet Dill

Most widely grown cultivar. Leaves can be used to flavor dishes. Leaf harvest may begin at 40 to 50 days and seed heads for pickling at 90 to 100 days.


Sunflower Sprouts

Mild, nutty flavor. Harvest from 3-5" or just before the first true leaves emerge.


Sugar Baby Watermelon

Heirloom, the standard of "icebox" melons for many years. Round fruits, 6-8" in diameter, averaging 8-10 lb. Ripe melons are almost black. Super sweet flavor. Tough rinds resist cracking.



Long, dark, lobed leaves are suitable for salad mix or bunching. Best grown as a cool season salad green or use the edible white flowers as the appear for brightening up salad mixes.


Scarlet Kale

Purple, crimson veined, curly leaves showing more colour as colder weather approaches. Great for baby leaf for salads and bunching, because of it's upright stalks. Highly decorative,


Snake Squash

Produces green skin fruits with white stripes, 10-20 inches long. Plants grow vigorously in warm summer and are very profilic. Start indoors and transplant later. Harvest snake gourds when young, around 40-50 days from planting as fully ripe fruit is quite inedible.


New Moon Pumpkin

Full, vigorous vines produce good yields of uniformly sized and shaped bright white coloured fruit. Its fruit are smooth and clean with even, slight ribbing. White Flesh. Grows 25-35 lb up to 80 lbs with optimum growing c0nditions.


Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

Try growing your own monster pumpkins! Pumpkin 'Atlantic Giant' holds the Canadian and American records for size, with fruits weighing in at over 1750 lbs.


Fortex Pole Bean

Growing to over 11”, Fortex has the longest pole-bean pods. Firm-textured dark green, round pods are completely stringless and delicious at all lengths, even after the seeds get big.


Monte Gusto Pole Bean

Flavorful, tender, high quality, yellow beans. This climbing French bean produces good crops of these golden-yellow beans that grow up to 10 inches long.


Bolero Carrots

Bright orange roots are uniformly smooth-skinned and rerely have green shoulders. Holds in the field withough cracking and stores very well.


Yaya Carrots

One of the best tasting sweet Nantes carrots for all seasons. Bright 5½-6½" orange carrots with cylindrical shape, strong, blunt tip, and sweetness characteristic of Nantes type varieties.


Rainbow Carrots

Tender, sweet, and flavorful. 7-9" tapered roots with strong tops. Because Rainbow is a single variety with color variability, it will mature uniformly, unlike other brands.


Denali Cauliflower

Heads are large, heavy, and self wrapping. Good heat and humidity tolerances make Denali an excellent choice for summer sowings for fall harvest in Eastern conditions.