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Bloody Butcher Tomato

Very early, fast ripening, bright red tomato. Grows 2'' – 4 oz tomatos in larger clusters. Excellent for cooler regions. Also good for canning. Indeterminate.


Better Boy Tomato

Guinness record holder -342 lbs. of fruit from one plant! Deep red and meaty, up to a pound each. Dense foliage cover, too. Indeterminate.


Beefmaster Tomato

talian beefsteak with outstanding taste. Dee red oblate shaped fruits, 20 oz in weight. Indeterminate.


Big Beef Tomato

Big, beefy, red 10 to 12 oz. fruits are super for slicing or for salads. Extra large beefy fruits. Indeterminate. Old-time tomato flavor. Heavy producer.


Brandywine Tomato

Winner of countless taste tests. Heavy producer of big, boat-shaped, beefsteak fruits. Tempting pink-red color, 1- to 1 1/2-lb. size and rich, creamy aftertaste. Indeterminate.


Tumbling Tom Red Tomato

High yielding tomato with sweet flavour. Grow in containers and harvest 1¼'' round red fruits.


Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato

High yielding tomato with sweet flavour. Grow in containers and harvest 1¼'' round yellow fruits.


Cherokee Purple Tomato

Semi-indeterminate. Big, 10 oz, flat globe fruits are dusky purple-pink-brown color. Interiors have unique purple-pink to brown-green color. Flavorful, low acid taste.


Pinapple Tomato

Bicolour skin is yellow with rosy red steaks. Fleah has unique yellow-rose marbling and low acid, mild flavored taste. Flat globe 16 oz fruits. Semi-determinate.


Green Zebra Tomato

Yellow blushed, 4 oz fruits with dark green stripes and unique tangy taste. Semi-determinate. Needs short stakes.


Striped German Tomato

Red and yellow bicolor beefsteak fruits have unique ribbed shoulders and flat globe shape. Golden-red and rose interior. Huge 2 lb fruits with complex fruity flavor. Indeterminate (stake).


Roma Tomato

Premium canner, ideal for sauce and paste. Pear-shaped scarlet fruits are thick and meaty with few seeds. Determinate.


Black Cherry Tomato

Early ripening, high yielding, 1" round purple-black fruits. Perfect for containers. Harvest throughout summer. Indeterminate.


Spineless Beauty Zucchini

Spineless, open plant is easy to pick. Medium gree, waxy fruit, lightly flecked, cylindrical shaped 8'' fruits.


Golden Dawn Zucchini

Deep golden zucchini 7''-8'' cylindrical blunt ended fruits. Open plant structure-easy to harvest. Excellent for baby vegetable market.