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Pioneer Pickling Cucumber

Very productive all-female strain that is perfect for pickling or slicing. 5-6 inch fruits are straight and uniform in shape. One of the most reliable cucumbers on the market.


Marketmore 76 Slicing Cucumber

Dark green fruits stay green and mild-tasting even under heat stress. Long picking season. Multi-disease tolerant cucumber. Vigourous 8''-9'' fruits.Use for slicing or pickling.


Northern Pickling Cucumber

High-yielding, early variety for salads and pickling. Medium green fruits bear early, and set heavily on short, space-saving vines. Fertilize well and pick frequently at a small size to maintain good color and fruit shape.


Striped Armenian Slicing Cucumber

Aka Painted Serpent. Unusual, S-shaped fruits are slightly ridged with alternating dark and light green stripes. Harvest from 8-18". The 5-6ft vines train easily on trellises or twine.