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Pacific Giants Delphinium Mix

Excellent cut flower variety with long flowering times in the vase. Height 4-5ft. Blooms June-September. Perennial.


Pearl Sweet Pea Mix

Perennial vine with masses of blooms in pinks, soft whites and mauves from June to September; dies back each winter.


Munstead Lavender

Masses of dark purple-blue flower spikes on clump-like evergreen perennial. Attractive to bees. Fragrant.


Garlic Chives

Aka Chinese leeks.Mild onion-garlic flavor produce clumps of upright, hollow leaves and showy white flowers. Only small amounts to be used due to its strong flavor. Use as companion plants to repel aphids from flowers or vegetables. Selfseeding Perennial.


Chater's Double Hollyhock

Classic cottage garden plant with large powderpuff flowers along the stems. Approx. 100 seeds per gram. Biennial.



Bright orange flowers in early summer are followed by seedpods later on. Excellent for cutting. Grows 24''-36'' high. Attracts butterflies!


Brilliant Poppy

Very large open flowers in magnificent colours above basal foliage. Splendid border plant in late spring and early summer.


Chater's Maroon Hollyhock

Classic cottage garden plant with large powderpuff maroon flowers along the stems. Approx. 100 seeds per gram. Biennial.


Torch Lily

Also known as Red-hot-Poker. Forms a big clump of grassy leaves and up to 48” stems, producing large bottlebrush heads in a range of yellow, orange and red shades. Attracts hummingbirds!


Fine Leaved Onion

Popular culinary herb with thin, cylindrical leaves and lilac or bluish flowers. Mild flavour. Used in salads, soups, vegetables, omelettes and cheese dishes.


Russel The Governor Lupine

'The Governor' is a Russell Hybrid that typically grows to 2-3' tall and features upright showy racemes of fragrant bluish-purple and ivory-white pea-like flowers.


Russel My Castle Lupine

Brilliant spikes of pea-like, rose-pink flowers in early summer above clumps of mid-green leaves. Densely packed with a delicious peppery scent. Grows 2-3’ tall.


Russel Chandelier Lupine

Soft lemon and gold pea-like flowers are tightly packed on architectural spires. Bred for a long flowering period with unbeatable garden performance.


Staro Chives

Mild flavoured taste. Best variety with thicker leaves for freezing, drying, or fresh use. Edible flowers.


Blue Boy Cornflower

Upright plants produce abundant 1-1½", double flowered blooms. Prefers cool temperatures. Also known as cornflower, garden cornflower, and bachelor's buttons.