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Staro Chives

Mild flavoured taste. Best variety with thicker leaves for freezing, drying, or fresh use. Edible flowers.


Greek Oregano

Essential garden herb with a delicious pungent flavor, claimed to be better and sharper than true oregano. Edible flowers. Attracts Beneficial Insects.



Wholesome, non caloric alternative to processed sugar and chemically-derived artificial sweeteners for health-conscious individuals.


Moss Curled Parsley

Fast-growing, high-yielding, compact plants. The leaves are a rich dark green, deeply cut and so thickly curled that it resembles moss.


Winter Thyme

Low-growing, wiry-stemmed perennial., with larger leaves than other thymes. Produces a strong aroma and dries well for culinary use.


Giant of Italy Parsley

Dark green, flat leaves with strong stems. Use leaves for garnishes, salads, and cooking. For highest yields, provide ample water and fertility.


Prince Orange Calendula

Unusual, sunflower-like, double flowering, bright orange marigold. Grows up to 4'; use as cut flower, in your border, or as herb.