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Choco Sun Sunflower

Very compact, well-branched plants produce lemon-yellow flowers with dark chocolate brown centres over very dark green leaves. Sets a large bloom on the central stalk, with several smaller flowers on side shoots.


Tosca Sunflower

Tosca is a very early pollen-less variety, blooming into perfect flower heads with short petals in shades from yellow to orange on non-branching stems.


Prado Red Sunflower

Early blooming, multi-branched and flowering with 15-20, 5-6" deep red flowers on the short branches of the plant. Grows 5-6' tall and produces hardly any pollen. Ideal for your garden and as a cut flower.


Ring of Fire Sunflower

Bushy, heavily branching, 4-5' tall plant, producing many 5" flowers; golden yellow tips fade to burgundy in the center. Pollenless. Later blooming. Very showy for your garden or bring it in as a cut flower.


Goldy Double Sunflower

Branching, pollen free, long blooming sunflowers. Numerous flowers open semi-double and mature to fully double, bright yellow, pom-pom like flowers. Height averages 5-6'.


Mammoth Sunflower

Reaches 8-10 feet tall, its huge yellow-petaled faces nodding cheerfully. Its blooms reach anywhere from 8 to 14 inches wide, each boasting a huge brown-black center stuffed with seeds.