Edible Flowers

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Marino Cilantro

Edible leaves, seeds and flowers. Aka coriander. Extra slow bolting strain used during hot weather. Direct seed as coriander doesn't like to be transplanted.


Bouquet Dill

Most widely grown cultivar. Leaves can be used to flavor dishes. Leaf harvest may begin at 40 to 50 days and seed heads for pickling at 90 to 100 days.


Fine Leaved Onion

Popular culinary herb with thin, cylindrical leaves and lilac or bluish flowers. Mild flavour. Used in salads, soups, vegetables, omelettes and cheese dishes.


Blue Boy Cornflower

Upright plants produce abundant 1-1½", double flowered blooms. Prefers cool temperatures. Also known as cornflower, garden cornflower, and bachelor's buttons.


Durango Bolero Marigold

The compact, ruffled flowers are bright yellow, ruffled flowers, with spatters of red on its sunny petals. Early bloomer; also can well-known for use in vegetable garden as companion plant.


Tangerine Nasturtium

Semi-double, deep orange flowers, and consequently sit open-faced, right on the top of the stem. Excellent for hanging baskets, rock gardens or flower beds. Approx. 12” tall and wide.


Tasty Viola Mix

A large-flowered variety with fragrant flowers in a range of colours that are tasty and perfect for decorating dishes. Leaves and stems are not edible!


Scarlet Runner Bean

Scarlet flowers against green, heart-shaped foliage. Rapid climbers 6-8' tall. Beans are edible and delicious when young. Keep pods picked for continuous bloom.


Prince Orange Calendula

Unusual, sunflower-like, double flowering, bright orange marigold. Grows up to 4'; use as cut flower, in your border, or as herb.