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Pacific Giants Delphinium Mix

Excellent cut flower variety with long flowering times in the vase. Height 4-5ft. Blooms June-September. Perennial.


Pink Blush Cosmea

Extremely easy-to-grow, dwarf with daysy-like pink flower. Height 24'', width 12''-14''. Blooms from late spring to late summer.


Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

The most robust and vigorous Morning Glory with heart-shaped foliage and huge bluish flowers.


Early Call Morning Glory Mix

Huge showy blossoms a full 4 to 5 inches across; a watercolor wash of pink, magenta, pearly white, chocolate, lavender and sky-blue, many encircled with a dainty white edging.


Choco Sun Sunflower

Very compact, well-branched plants produce lemon-yellow flowers with dark chocolate brown centres over very dark green leaves. Sets a large bloom on the central stalk, with several smaller flowers on side shoots.


Tosca Sunflower

Tosca is a very early pollen-less variety, blooming into perfect flower heads with short petals in shades from yellow to orange on non-branching stems.


Pearl Sweet Pea Mix

Perennial vine with masses of blooms in pinks, soft whites and mauves from June to September; dies back each winter.


Villa Roma Scarlet Sweet Pea

Very compact bushy with sweet scent. Suitable for pots, hanging baskets and border. Very good flower to plant ratio with vibrant red colors.


Munstead Lavender

Masses of dark purple-blue flower spikes on clump-like evergreen perennial. Attractive to bees. Fragrant.


Marino Cilantro

Edible leaves, seeds and flowers. Aka coriander. Extra slow bolting strain used during hot weather. Direct seed as coriander doesn't like to be transplanted.


Bouquet Dill

Most widely grown cultivar. Leaves can be used to flavor dishes. Leaf harvest may begin at 40 to 50 days and seed heads for pickling at 90 to 100 days.


Garlic Chives

Aka Chinese leeks.Mild onion-garlic flavor produce clumps of upright, hollow leaves and showy white flowers. Only small amounts to be used due to its strong flavor. Use as companion plants to repel aphids from flowers or vegetables. Selfseeding Perennial.


Chater's Double Hollyhock

Classic cottage garden plant with large powderpuff flowers along the stems. Approx. 100 seeds per gram. Biennial.


Snowflake Baby's-Breath

Bright white, double flowers, blooming on wiry stems, provide an airy contrast in the garden or fresh flower arrangement. Long-lasting as a fresh or dried cut flower or as filler in the border garden.


Ruby Regis Mallow

Large and early flowering selection with very uniform plant habit. Dark-carmine pink with deep ruby veins. Long lasting cut flower and border plant.