We are pleased to feature many Heirloom and Organic varieties.

Our seeds are sourced by third parties from all over the world in order to supply you with the best quality available. This means you have a good germination rate and a bountiful yield, if you have/provide the right growing conditions.

All seeds are fresh.

We pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants (Safe Seed Pledge). All our vegetable and herb seeds are GMO-free. Please note that Hybrids originate from cross-breeding between plants/varieties, which has nothing to do with GMO.

In general our seeds are untreated, however we have customers who insist on treated seeds for specific crops, to avoid crop failure just before or in the germination-stage.

Please always read the information on the packages or the descriptions on our website about the seed you want to use. Just to assure yourself that you buy what you intend to buy.